Our Menu

Autumn / Winter - Week 1

MondayChicken and pea risotto with sweetcorn. Rhubarb crumble and custard.Cheese, crackers and wholemeal bread, peppers, cucumber with dip. Homemade banana cake.
TuesdayTuna pasta bake with mixed vegetables. Seasonal fruit salad.Homemade cheese and mackerel pizza, carrots, cucumber sticks. Homemade chocolate sponge cake.
WednesdayBeef cottage pie with broccoli and cauliflower. Homemade chocolate sponge cake.Han and Jam wholemeal bread thins with melon and grapes. Homemade shortbread biscuits.
ThursdaySausage casserole, roast potatoes, carrots and peas. Homemade lemon curd sponge with custard.Homemade soup with wholemeal roll and butter, apple slices. Homemade white chocolate and cherry cookies.
FridayMacaroni cheese, carrots and peas. Fromage FraisBaked beans on toast, pear slices. Homemade iced buns.

Autumn / Winter – Week 2

MondayPasta carbonara, peas and garlic bread. Homemade lemon curd sponge and custard.Homemade ham & pineapple pizza, sliced grapes and cucumber sticks. Homemade shortbread iced biscuits.
TuesdayCheese and potato pie & baked beans.
Peach crumble & custard.
Bagels, ham slices, carrot, cucumber, pepper sticks. Homemade
melting moment biscuits.
WednesdayCod fish bake with carrots.
Fromage frais.
Cheese & jam wholemeal rolls, satsuma & cucumber slices. Homemade
courgette cake.
ThursdayChicken curry with brown rice, peas & naan bread.
Seasonal fresh fruit salad.
Homemade cheese and cranberry scones, carrot & cucumber sticks with dip.
Yogurt & fruit puree
FridayBeef bolognaise, peas and sweetcorn.
Homemade jam and coconut sponge cake.
Cheese and crackers, breadsticks, melon & sliced grapes. Homemade
Chocolate chip cookie.

Autumn / Winter - Week 3

MondayShepherds pie and broccoli.
Banana & custard.
Homemade cheese & mackerel pizza, pear & apple slices.
Homemade fruit slice cake.
TuesdayChilli con carne with brown rice and peas. Fromage frais.Jam & cheese sandwiches, cucumber & pear slices. Homemade chocolate chip cookie.
WednesdayCheese & sweet potato pie with baked beans.
Homemade sponge & custard.
Homemade soup with a wholemeal roll & butter.
Banana slices. Homemade flapjack.
ThursdayRoast chicken, roast potatoes and mixed vegetables. Fruit with yogurt.Cheese and jam wholemeal rolls, pineapple and cucumber chunks. Homemade iced shortbread.
FridayCheese, basil and tomato pasta with baked beans. Fromage Frais.Homemade pepperoni pizza, sliced grapes & cucumber.
Homemade chocolate brownie.
Food Hygiene Rating: 5